Credit: @BensDogScotch Photo: Ben Flajnik Gets Kisses From His Dog Scotch

It's become quite the trend to have pets, hair and other things that aren't actually capable of tweeting “tweet” from their own Twitter accounts. A lot of these accounts are just time wasters but @BensDogScotch is actually cute and funny in a way Ben Flajnik can’t quite project on his own (yet) while on The Bachelor.

Scotch stole the show on The Bachelor Season 16, Episode 2 and the idea that he likes Courtney Robertson does make us like her a drop more.

Right now Scotch has more than 300 followers and he's a very active tweeter, so if you don't leash yourself to his account, you're going to miss some great photos, snarky commentary and subtle Kardashian disses.

Best of all: “Guess what? I didn't have to sign a confidentiality agreement... Arff arf. #Bachelor.”

Bark on, Sir Scotch!

Source: @BensDogScotch