Credit: Ron Koeberer/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney Photo: Ben Flajnik Gives Good Face During the Group Date After Party on The Bachelor Season 16, Episode 3

Not since Donald Trump has one man’s follicular activity been the recipient of so much ire. Ben Flajnik’s The Bachelor Season 16 has certainly doled out a lot of drama early, but it’s hard to ignore the one big conflict going on atop his head.  (Sorry, @BachelorBenHair.)

Would combing help? Does he need a haircut? Should they let it grow out a little longer? Part in the middle or not at all?

Unfortunately, neither Ben nor the Bachelor hair department have been able to figure it out. So we’d like to be of some service to the Flajnik-ator (that works, right?). While it’s too late to do anything about his poorly groomed, overly long shag right now, Bachelors and Bachelorettes usually have the opportunity to show off a slight makeover by the time “The Women/Men Tell All” or “After the Final Rose” specials roll around (see: Ashley Hebert’s color change, Emily Maynard’s sleeker locks).

And so it is WITH LOVE that we submit some suggestions for Ben’s consideration. Here are some celebrity-inspired looks that we’ve envisioned for our favorite wine maker for his post-Bachelor life... scroll through and let us know which you like best! (Or least worst?)

Punk Ben

Credit: Created via Photo: Punk Hair Ben Flajnik

The hair, inspired by American Idol’s Adam Lambert, may not fit with Ben’s laid-back, California boy vibe/style, but sometimes a drastic change is just what you need to start a new chapter (of loooove) in your life. 


Bieber Ben

Credit: Created via Photo: Bieber Hair Ben Flajnik

Why not? Justin doesn’t need it anymore.


Twi Ben

Credit: Created via Photo: Twilight Hair Ben Flajnik

Gel: It worked for Robert Pattinson. Need we say more?



Silver Fox Ben

Credit: Created via Photo: Silver Fox Hair Ben Flajnik

We know Ben is still in his 20s, but gray is the new black (or brown... ), and there are many celebrities whose sexy quotient actually went up since they gave into their hair destiny (see: George Clooney, Anderson Cooper, John Slattery). Nothing wrong with getting a head start!


Fabio Ben

Credit: Created via Photo: Fabio Hair Ben Flajnik

Maybe the problem with Ben’s hair is that it hasn’t reached its full potential. With a little time (and a lot of deep conditioning), we could see it having a certain appeal. And if the wine business goes sour (ha!), he could start a career as a cover model for those romance novels Chris Harrison will inevitably write after he retires from hosting the Bachelor .


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