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On November 21, 2012, the whole world watched as Bachelor Canada Brad Smith gave his final rose to Toronto nurse Bianka Kamber. Filming had wrapped a whopping five months earlier, leaving Brad and Bianka to keep their engagement a secret until the episode aired. In a new interview, Brad opens up about the girl he didn’t choose: Whitney Lee.

Speaking with Toronto Life, Brad sympathetically describes Whitney’s exit. “You never want to be the one that’s getting dumped. It happens. It sucks. But when I knock on your door, you kinda know what’s going on,” Brad explains, adding, “how she handled it was kinda the most awkward thing I’ve ever seen a human being do.”

As for Bianka’s take on her rival’s awkward goodbye? “It didn’t even faze me,” Brad’s fiancee says. “I’m here with him now, and the rest is history.” 

This girl might not talk a lot, but when she does, she uses just the right words.

Source: Toronto Life

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Credit: YouTube Photo: Bachelor Canada Brad Smith and Fiancee Bianka Kamber: When They Knew It Was Love (VIDEO)