Credit: Photo: Cute Pic of the Day: Brad and Em Will Live Happily Ever After

We’re desperate for any updates on how things are working out for Bachelor Season 15 couple Brad Womack and Emily Maynard, so we’ll take what we can get — even if it’s a second-hand report from an unnamed “source.”

Life & Style recently reported that Emily and her daughter Ricki are planning to move from Charlotte, North Carolina, to Austin, Texas, to be closer to Brad.

Now Life & Style has spilled (via Hollywood Life) that Brad is winning Em over with his obvious affection. “Once Emily saw how smitten Brad was with her — how totally in love with her he is — she let her guard down,” a source told the mag. “At the beginning of a new relationship, your instinct is to protect yourself, especially if you have a child.” But since Brad seems to dote on little Ricki, that’s another thing in his favor.

So, slowly but surely, things are starting to look up… if we believe these tabloid reports. Should we?

Source: Hollywood Life