Credit: Twitter Photo: Craig Robinson, Jenna Burke, Kacie B, Ashley Spivey in Philadelphia on August 27, 2012

Chris Harrison: It’s “Amazing” Nick Peterson Has Gotten This Far on Bachelor Pad 3

Nick Peterson has been staying far out of the drama — and he’s got Chris Harrison mystified as to how he’s stuck around as long as he has! Read more!

Ashley’s Spivey’s Bachelor Pad 3 Blog: Michael Stagliano Must Be Part Magic

Bless you, Ashley Spivey. Every week you blog Bachelor Pad 3 with an unparalleled wit. Enjoy what she has to say here!

Bachelor Nation Reacts to Bachelor Pad 3: “You Know What's Sexy? The Ability to Spell Basic Two Syllable Words”

How does Bachelor Nation feel about the drama that is Bachelor Pad 3? We turned to Twitter and rounded up all the best reactions to the episode. Enjoy!   

Why Erica Rose Wants Chris and Sarah to Win Bachelor Pad 3

Erica Rose left BP3 last week and told RumorFix she’s “definitely rooting for” Chris and Sarah to win. She explained that Sarah is a good friend of hers and she admires Chris’ cutthroat game-play. Read her whole story!

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