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Stunning. Shocking. Scandalous. The Bachelor Pad 3 Finale was all these things and a tube of waterproof mascara. What did Bachelor Nation have to say about the drama, the tears and Jamie Otis’s over-accessorizing? We trolled Twitter to bring you the best tweets of the night. Enjoy!

On Michael Stagliano and Rachel Truehart:

Rachel Truehart@RachTrue_
Loving @DonnaZitelli facials to everything @MichaelStag says!

Rachel Truehart@RachTrue_
Thank god @JaclynSwartz was out there to call out @MichaelStag

Michael Stagliano@MichaelStag
...But please allow @RachTrue_ to feel however she feels. It's ok. I just hope one day I can have the same courtesy extended to me.

Marissa May@MarissajustMay
this is a prime example of what us girls HATE to hear yet is reality. he's just not that into you #bp3

On Tony and Blakeley:

William Holman@WilliamFHolman
Bachelor and Bachelorette is just for fun. People get married on Bachelor Pad. #boom

Robert Mills @Millsy11374
Most romantic #BachelorPad proposal ever!!!

Rachel Truehart@RachTrue_
So happy for my bffs @BlakeleyShea & @TonyPieper you both deserve the best! xoxoxo

Reid Rosenthal@reidrosenthal1

On Jamie Otis:

Gia Allemand@GiaAllemand
The only drama on #BachelorPad so far is Jamie's decision to bedazzle her face and wear a medieval hair piece

Natalie Getz@nataliegetz
So Jamie's headpiece. And glued on face jewels. And larger than life earrings. Don't get me started.

Marissa May@MarissajustMay
if we combined the genes of tinkerbell, pocahontas and the girl from slum dog millionaire...we would have Jamie #bp3

On Nick and Rachel:

Ashley Hebert@ashhebert
Rachel for next Bachelorette????

Robert Mills @Millsy11374
Nicholas Roy Peterson has just gone from #Bachelornation footnote to #Bachelornation Mount Rushmore #BP3

Jaclyn Swartz@JaclynSwartz
Is Nick on drugs or is it just me? #bachelorpad

Rachel Truehart@RachTrue_
Apparently being on the 'same page' means screwing your partner over? @PeetysTraining #liar #bp3

It's safe to say, @PeetysTraining might be my new favorite person on the planet. Awesome. As bad as I feel for Rachel, Nick is exactly right.

Marissa May@MarissajustMay
The only reason why people feel bad for her is bc her heart got broken only minutes earlier. that's not Nick's fault #bp3

Dana Weiss@Possessionista
It was Nick's move to get rid of Jaclyn and Ed, and that was the move that won the game. #BP3

David Levi Good@DaveLGood
Line of the century!!!!! "I'm a shmuck [sic] with $250,000.00"

Dana Weiss@Possessionista
Dear Nick, thanks for hurting her worse. Love, Michael Stagliano

Dana Weiss@Possessionista
#BP3 proving you can get f@#$ed figuratively and literally on Bachelor Pad.

Ashley Hebert@ashhebert
Mo money, mo problems @PeetysTraining. Congrats!

Robert Mills @Millsy11374
The moral of the story is this: when @ashhebert breaks up with you, you turn greedy and heartless. She is a goddess #Bachelorette #BP3

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