Credit: ABC via WENN Photo: Courtney Robertson Cries on The Bachelor Season 16: The Women Tell All

So many girls, so many feelings, so much yelling! On this week’s rapid-fire Women Tell All Bachelor Season16 episode, Courtney Robertson is the hated belle of the ladies’ night ball. In a shocking twist (finalists usually don’t appear in this segment), Ben Flajnik’s favorite gal shows up just in time to get berated by previously-dismissed contestants Blakely, Emily, and Kacie (to name just a few). The anger obviously affected Courtney, who broke into tears before host Chris Harrison called off the henpecking. On Twitter, Bachelor Nation wasn’t that kind to her, either — here’s a smattering of the commentary from the Bachelor/ette community:

West Lee: "My name is Emily and I'm here to say, Courtney is a bitch in a major way." #Bachelor #RapSkills

Blake Julian: I'm guessing the upcoming tears about to flow from Courtney's eyes will redeem her in a lot of people's eyes. #Michellemoney #stillfake

Blake Julian Courtney: "how do I 'cry'? I've never done that before." Producers: "Pretend you're ugly."

Blake Julian Courtney: "Everyone hates me." Producers: "Go on WTA. Say sorry. Cry. All will be forgiven."

Reid Rosenthal: She is definitely hot but she didnt come on the show for Ben#bachelor #darthcourtney

Ashley Spivey: Courtney is not this season's @moneymichelle. Anyone that thinks so can get a swift kick to the babymakers. #bachelor

And a bonus tweet from the adorable Vampire Diaries star Candice Accola:

Candice Accola: What smells like poo? Oh it's everything Courtney is saying on theBachelor tell all... #girlsGotTheCrazyEye

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Credit: Photo: Courtney Robertson's Tears on The Bachelor 16 Women Tell All! Real or Fake? (WATCH)