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Bachelor Pad champion and frolicking gazelle, Michael Stagliano has a whole lotta feelings about Chris Bukowski's love triangle, and it's time to preach. While The Stag loves Chris, he just can't get on board with the way he treats the ladies.

"Chris spends the night with Jamie, wakes up, and figures it would be a good idea to take Sarah instead," he writes in his Parade blog. "Which leads me to believe that Chris has the reasoning skills of a 3rd grader trying to do quantum physics. It's just not happening. [...] Doesn't it seem like he is just running around... lost, meandering into bed with girls, then wondering why he feels 'trapped?'"

When it comes to Jamie vs. Chris, The Stag has Jamie's back, no question. "It was really upsetting seeing how Chris treated Jamie on her way out," he writes.

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Really upsetting. Sure, Chris tried to vote Blakeley out and not Jamie. But he wasn't trying to 'save her.' He would have voted her off the next week in a heartbeat. Chris just flat out wasn't honest with her, led her on, and manipulated her from start to finish... and to see him treat her like that up until the last moment. That sucked. So sorry, Jamie :( You can and will do better.

Girl power, Stag! So, how does this hunky feminist feel about Chris' treatment of Blakeley? Not good.

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I just couldn't find the sense in Chris dumping Blakeley then trying to get her off... I couldn't support that. NO, Blakeley and Chris did NOT have a good working partnership... but mostly because Chris couldn't keep it in his pants. He lied to Blakeley repeatedly... and there wasn't any reason for it. Everyone in the house was aware of it, didn't like it, and it immediately made us feel like we couldn't trust Chris.

Yikes, we're sensing some major tension between Chris and Michael. It might be time for a bro-off. We'll get the fudge slide and whipped cream pit ready.

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