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Sean Lowe might seem like an adorable little lamb who whiles away his days frolicking around Bachelor Valley, but even he has a dark side! In this sneak peek from People, Sean's Bachelor bestie, Kacie B, tells him all about the drama-rama between Desiree and Amanda, and dude is less than impressed.

Not only does Sean look completely grossed-out by Kacie's big reveal, he calls her a "crazy person" and reduces her to tears in the interview room. If only someone was there to comfort her — you know, other than the fleet of heartless cameramen who are watching her suffer....

Not gonna lie, we're even more attracted to Sean now he's busted out his lady balls. Good to know this beefy blonde bombshell is willing and ready to put his sister wives in their place — but do you think Sean was too harsh? Hit the comments and dish!

Source: People