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Poor Sean Lowe was epically tested in every city he visited during The Bachelor Season 17 hometown dates. First, Sean met AshLee Frazier’s super-protective adoptive parents, who talked about their “first date” with AshLee, the first day they ever met her and brought her home. In short: Sean realized he has a lot to live up to. Then, Sean was grilled by the impressive tag team of Catherine Giudici’s sisters — prompting Sean to leave Seattle majorly doubting his relationship with Catherine. Next up? Lindsay Yenter’s two-star general father, Mark Yenter, and his impressive gun collection.

Credit: ABC via WENN

Last but not least, Desiree Hartsock’s hometown date packed a one-two punch. First, there was that gimmicky fake drama with an ex boyfriend, followed up by some very real drama served up by Des’s overzealous brother. From the very first moment he met Sean, Desiree’s brother was having none of his smooth-talking ways. “You’re just a playboy,” he tells Sean, refusing to believe the Bachelor really has feelings for his sister. “There’s just not that connection,” Des’s bro insists rudely.

At the end of the hometown visit, Sean says, “My character and my integrity are very important to me. So I don’t know what to take of this.” Then, an animated Sean tells the camera, “This is the second time I’ve been riled up today,” referring to the prank with the pseudo ex boyfriend and then the tension with Des’s brother.

Desiree decides to pull a Chris Bukowski at the rose ceremony, apologizing tearfully. Sean sweetly tells her not to apologize, that it's not her fault her brother hates him. Minutes later at the rose ceremony, Sean can't decide whether to give his final rose to Catherine or Des, and strides off to stare at the girls' photos and talk to Chris Harrison. "I'm having a hard time here," Sean says. "I don't know which one to send home." Sean broods for a few minutes, and then decides to send Des home. "I think it comes down to who I will miss the most tomorrow," Sean states poetically.

Des sobs in the limo while the final three (Catherine, AshLee, and Lindsay) to pack for Thailand and the overnight dates.

Do you think Sean sent the right girl home?