Credit: Twitter

Sean Lowe has shown us almost every inch of his body on The Bachelor, but we have yet to see his upper-inner thighs. Which is super-duper upsetting for obvious reasons. Like, how are we going to complete our life-sized nude sculpture without knowing what his legs look like? Well, good news, gang!

While meandering around the wilds of Montana, it appears as though Sean stumbled upon a pair of leather (and possibly ass-less) chaps, slipped his silken glutes into them, and ta-da! His upper-inner thighs were just like, "OMG here we are and we're fabulous!"

Of course, we can't help but notice that Sean is wearing a plaid shirt in this photo, which is completely unacceptable to us. God, Sean, just take off all your clothes, dive into that barrel of apples next to you, and run into the forest to unleash your inner nudist fantasies!

We promise the cameras won't follow you. Also, it's opposite day again.

Source: Twitter