Credit: Instagram

You guys, so many things are happening! So many things. 1) Sean Lowe is wearing a cowl neck sweater and he's a beautiful vision. 2) Sean Lowe is hanging out with Betty White and she's a beautiful vision. That's right, Sean Lowe + Betty White in the same room. Hugging.

Turns out Sean and Betty were both visiting Live Kelly and Michael, and Bachelor producer Cassie Lambert documented the historic event. "Betty White said, 'Oh! You're a big one,'" Cassie posted on Instagram along with a photo of Betty and Sean. "Love her."

Our worlds are officially colliding! Basically, we're spiraling down a rabbit hole filled with pictures of Bea Arthur's face, Sean Lowe's abs, pearl necklaces and white wine. Fingers crossed that Betty White will be chosen as the next Bachelorette. It's about time someone over the age of 80 got a chance to hibernate in Chris Harrison's love shack!

Source: Instagram