Credit: Splash News

Sean Lowe has completed his Bachelor love journey, but the real question? Is he currently engaged to his future wifey, and more importantly — is her womb ripe with his baby fruits? This stud seems pretty intent on finding love Bachelor-style, so we have a feeling he's locked in for life — especially because he has zero interest in flirting with other gals.

Sean recently hit up HAZE Nightclub at ARIA in Las Vegas, but his trip to Sin City was hardly sinful. According to Celebzter, Sean stuck to water, took a few fan-photos, and then called it a night at 1:15 am, which is apparently pretty early for a celebrity. Who knows, we're in bed with pizza by 9pm, so....

“Sean was just having fun with his group and didn’t seem interested in flirting or being with any other women,” a source tells Celebzter. “A few girls managed to sneak into Sean’s area and he happily took photos with them, but left shortly after around 1:15am.”

You know what that means, ladies! Clearly Sean was heading back to his hotel for a sexy Skype session with whichever lucky lady won his heart on The Bachelor. If you want to be spoiled about Sean's happy ending, click here and prepare to be shocked!

Source: Celebzter