Credit: Twitter

Do you ever wonder what Bachelor Sean Lowe does in his spare time? You know, other than wander around Los Angeles shirtless, hang out with mysterious wildlife in Montana (aka Tierra LiCausi) and massage oil into his upper thighs? Well, apparently Sean whiles away his days meandering around various sororities in Southern California in the hopes that someone will ask him to take his shirt off.

Sean recently dropped in on the UCLA Delta Gamma viewing party, where he smiled bashfully at a sea of underaged hotties and proceeded to strut around like sexy rooster. But why did Sean randomly show up at UCLA? As part of The Bachelor Nation Party Van, natch!

This mysterious van shows up to Bachelor viewing parties in California, and out pops out both Chris Harrison and our boy Sean, who presumably strolls around shirtless until an ABC intern shoves him back into the bus and he goes back from whence he came.

We're officially jealous of you, Delta Gamma.

Source: Twitter