Credit: Cassie Lambert on Twitter Photo: Ben Flajnik Sleeps Inside the Bachelor House for Season 16 on September

Anyone who signed up for The Bachelor Season 16 just to spend a night in the mansion will be leaving broken-hearted.  

As Rosemaster Chris Harrison explained to Entertainment Tonight, "This season will be unlike any other. The women don't know this, obviously, but they will never move into the house. They're going to come back to the house and then I will surprise them by saying 'Ladies, get ready 'cause you're not moving in. You're heading to Sonoma.' And that's where the adventure will begin. We will never come back to L.A., except for one rose ceremony."

If you didn’t know, Sonoma is the hometown of winemaker Bachelor Ben Flajnik. The show will start there, then go to Ben’s second hometown of San Francisco; then Park City, Utah; Puerto Rico, Belize; Panama; the hometown dates of the final four; and then Switzerland. Chris says the season will end at the base of the Matterhorn, giving the show a look and feel unlike any before.

Watch below for more from Chris, as well as Ben’s thoughts on proposing to a lady in front of America... again!

Credit: YouTube Photo: Video: Bachelor Ben Flajnik on Proposing (Again), PLUS: Chris Harrison Reveals Why Season 16 Is "Unlike Any Other"