When one Bachelor door closes, another one swings right open — and we’re already knee-deep in some juicy scoop surrounding the filming of Emily Maynard’s Bachelorette Season 8. Haven’t had time to get caught up? No worries! We took the liberty of rounding up the latest below! 

1. First Look Photos of Her Bachelors
Will any measure up to her Bachelor 15 ex’s hotness? You be the judge...

2. Emily Maynard and Her Men Relocate From North Carolina
Can you guess where they’re going?

3. One of Em’s Men Has Ties to Bachelor Pad Star Erica Rose!
Hear what she has to say about him!

4. A Group Date Gets Crashed by Some Unlikely Guests
...And someone proposes!?

5. SPOILER FOOTAGE of Emily ____________ With _________________.
Can’t say we didn’t warn you...

Emily and her hunks head south to a majorly idyllic location. 

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