We’re shocked, sad, and heading for our second pint of froyo — Bachelor Ben Flajnik and his fiancee Courtney Robertson have ended their engagement! Frankly, this took us by surprise as we routinely found ourselves having massive, daily heartswells over the adorable affection these two shared online. If Ben and Courtney can’t make it work, can anyone?

Relationships are a complex mixture of attraction, affection, and circumstance — and being the Bachelor spotlight surely makes all those elements even more complicated. To simplify things, we’ve compiled a timeline of the past few months that have us scratching our heads, wondering, what happened to Bachelor’s latest, most seemingly in-love couple?

Early April: Ben and Courtney tell reporters they’re “engating”: engaged-dating. Weird, but promising.

Mid-April: The couple announced that they were not moving in together. Yet.

Late April: Ben and Courtney host a super posh part in Vegas, make out with one another all the way down the red carpet. They admit, however, that maybe they “rushed in to this thing.” 

Early-May: Courtney spends Mother’s Day with Ben’s mom and sister — all seem good between them

Mid-May: The pair spends the weekend partying in San Francisco and even take in a Giants game. (Courtney’s first!)

Early June: Ben confirms “All is well” via Twitter. 

Mid-June: They both tweet adorable pic, after adorable pic, after adorable pic

Mid-July: Ben shares photos of the couple watching The Bachelorette together

Late July: Courtney spends a fun-filled weekend in with Ben in SF.

Early August: Ben and Courtney announce that they’ve moved in together!

Credit: Twitter

Mid-August: Courtney tweets pictures of what their future child might look like. We think this bodes well.

Early September: Courtney reveals how happy she is with her “quieter” life now that she’s engaged to Ben. Domesticity seems to suit her!

Mid-September: The couple says they want 300 guests at their wedding. That should accommodate least half of Bachelor Nation.

Late September: Sources close to Courtney and Ben say they’re making plans to say “I do” in 2013, which would make them the first Bachelor couple to actually tie the knot.

Early October: Ben and Courtney announce that, as of October 4th, they’ve ended their romantic relationship. Our jaws drop.

What went wrong?

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