Man, that Ben Flajnik sure gets around. Vegas! New York! And now, Park City, Utah!

We know what you’re thinking, Isn’t that where Ben will be *next* week, when he goes galloping around the town with his wild ‘n’ crazy bachelorettes?

No, no, silly... that’s TV time. Ben F. is actually there... right now... in real time (we know, it’s confusing) for the Sundance Film Festival, and unlike his Episode 3 group date, the snow there is real.

Maybe, you ask, the colder temps is why the California boy is wearing this frown on his face (captured and and tweeted by Bachelor producer Cassie Lambert)?

Credit: via Cassie Lambert's Twitter Photo: Ben Flajnik Frowns With His Popcorn in Park City, Utah for the Sundance Film Festival

Well, actually, Ben was expressing sadness for the cold feeling... in his heart (aww) caused by the absence of the greatest Rosemaster in the land, Chris Harrison:

@cassielambert:@benflajnik being popcorny. #sundance @chrisbharrison we #wishyouwereheretweeted Ben's screening companion.

We wish you wished we were there, too, because we wish we were!

Source: Twitter


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