Credit: ABC via WENN Photo: Emily O'Brien on The Bachelor Season 16: The Women Tell All

As ABC promos teased, The Bachelor 16 Finale pitted Courtney Robertson… against everyone else. Luckily, the 23 ladies not in Ben Flajnik’s top two were live-tweeting the finale with a vengeance. Check out the running commentary from our favorite ex-Bachelorettes below:

@EmilyCOBrien: "Some girls wouldn't look at me or talk to me." We just didn't want to disturb you while you were sleeping all day.
@JackieGordon: Wait what? Courtney really tried with every girl? Yikes. Um. No comment. #bachelor
@BlakeleyShea: Can't wait to hear what she [Courtney] likes about Ben...skinny dipping, drinking wine, late hotel room visits, yea that's love!!
@EmilyCOBrien: Julia: "I'll never know what truly happened between you and the girls." Call me. Let's go to coffee.
@BlakeleyShea: Really!! Don't judge you Courtney!! Smh kinda like u judged me and called me names!!
@BlakeleyShea: I'm shocked!! Maybe she'll get an Emmy for this performance tonight
@EmilyCOBrien: Aw Julia! I would have loved to have been your sister-in-law. Except for that whole married-to-your-older-brother part.
@EmilyCOBrien: Ben on Courtney: "Her energy.. makes her 10 times more attractive." Kind of like quicksand.

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Credit: Photo: Watch Tonight's Bachelor Season 16 Finale Promo: ''Good vs Courtney'' (VIDEO)