When we last saw Kacie Boguskie on television, she was wiping a tear-stained cheek while asking aloud, “What the f—k happened?” after being eliminated during the hometown dates by Bachelor Ben Flajnik.

Nine months later, however, she’s back in front of those same cameras in search of love once again. As Reality Steve exclusively reported, the 25 year-old brunette southern belle will be competing for the heart of the new Bachelor, Sean Lowe. Why would she risk public heartbreak and humiliation all over again? We turned to Kacie’s good friend from her first stint on the show, Blakeley Shea for some insight.

Wetpaint Entertainment: What did you think when you heard Kacie was going back on the show?
Blakeley: I was shocked. She never said anything about it. I honestly thought she was maybe going to be the next Bachelorette.

Do you think she could be a good match for Sean?
I don’t know Sean at all, but from what Tony tells me, he’s great guy. And I can tell you Kacie’s a sweetheart with a good head on her shoulders. My only concern is that she’s a little young.

Why do you think she decided to put herself through the process again?
Well, I can tell you she didn’t do it on a whim. Kacie isn’t the type to jump into things quickly. She and I, we’re both from the Bible Belt. We have strong values. A lot of people do the show for the fame or the money or to help their careers. Bu that’s not Kacie. She knows what she wants. She’s looking for love.

Wouldn’t it be funny if Sean and Kacie are a couple by the time you and Tony tie the knot? They could come to the wedding together!
(Laughing) That would be very cool. I hope they hit it off! But whomever he picks, I wish him well.