The villain. Every season has them. They are the key ingredient in any deliciously dramatic reality show because they add the essential element of spice!

But is Ben Flajnik’s season too peppered with them? Season 16, pisode 2 presented us with Blakeley Shea and Courtney Robertson. Both behaved a little too saucily for our taste.

Blakeley stirred the pot by flaunting her sexuality and going to any means necessary to get Ben’s attention, while Courtney’s hard-boiled ways caused many girls to reach their boiling points.

Credit: via; via Courtney Robertson's Official Site Photo: Blakeley Shea vs. Courtney Robertson: Who's the Biggest Bachelor Season 16 Villain

But which one of them left a worse taste in your mouth? Courtney? Blakeley? Or did you have a double helping of disgust?

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