Credit: ABC Television Group © Disney Photo: No Third Time for Bachelor Brad Womack

Why would Brad Womack want to be the Bachelor a third time when he now has two special ladies to love: Emily Maynard and Little Ricki?

Even if he hadn’t found an instant family on Season 15, there’s no chance he would get the gig again. That’s why we labeled PopEater’s third-time report the "Ridiculous Rumor of the Day."

Brad agrees. On Friday, he tweeted further proof that it's just not gonna happen: “[S]trange rumor about me being bach for 3rd time...absolutely NO chance. ZERO. so happy w the one I love. have a great day guys!!”

Credit: via Emily Maynard's Twitter Photo: Brad Spends Quality Time With Emily's Daughter Ricki

He also tweeted about his weekend with “my two girls” in Charlotte, North Carolina. “Last Fri was drinking one too many beers. This Fri watched two kids movies, drew on walls, drank lemonade w/my girls. This Fri=perfection.” Emily tweeted a pic of Brad drawing on walls with 5-year-old Ricki, and Brad tweeted a photo of Emily driving him around.

If all of this is really just a show to save face — as some tabloids suggest — Brad and Em deserve Oscars.

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