Credit: WENN Photo: Brad Womack Makes a Phone Call in Season 15 of The Bachelor

Nail, meet coffin. People magazine has Season 15 Bachelor winner Emily Maynard on the cover this week with the headline, “Why I Left Brad.” Yep, People. Not the tabs. Sorry, whoever still had hope.

"We're no longer engaged," a “teary-eyed” Emily told People minutes after taping her interview with Rosemaster Chris Harrison, set to air Monday, July 11.  The story says Emily is coming forward to talk about her relationship with Brad Womack to end “all the media speculation” so she and 6-year-old Ricki "can move on and get back to normal."

Brad won’t be joining Emily on camera, but he told People in an exclusive statement that "the demise of our relationship was completely my fault." We’re not sure if it was his bad temper — as revealed on the “After the Final Rose” special and by Brad’s ex — that broke this Bachelor couple’s love or one of the many rumors out there: like the idea that she never wanted to move to Austin, Texas — as Brad required from his chosen one — or that Brad had supposedly been drunk-dialing her, or that she just wanted to be the Bachelorette.

We need “closure”!

Source: People

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