Credit: via Laurel Kagay's Facebook Photo: Laurel Kagay, Wes Hayden's Alleged Ex

It’s official: We have a he said/she said.

Yesterday, Brad Womack’s ex-girlfriend, Laurel Kagay, told Us Weekly that Brad proposed to her several times, including right before he started filming The Bachelor Season 15.

"No, sir, I can 100 percent tell you I did not actually ask this woman to marry me," Brad tells George Lopez on tonight's episode of Lopez Tonight.  

“I want to take the high road because this particular woman I cared for very much at one time," Brad explains. "I've learned really quickly, this experience can breed nothing but negativity, along with all of the positive.”

He calls Laurel’s story “embellished” and continues his “100 percent” denials.

"It is what it is. No, sir, I can 100 percent tell you I did not actually ask this woman to marry me... 100 percent I've saved that for a very special woman. And if that [a proposal] happened... I've always saved that for a very special woman.”

Brad has said he is very happy with his love story at the end of this season of The Bachelor. Rumor has it he did propose and is currently engaged to his chosen one.

However, sources confirmed to E! News that Laurel’s story is “all true.”

Who is right? And as long as Brad’s chosen one at the end of his redux season can see past his past, does it matter?

Watch the sneak peek of Brad’s Lopez Tonight interview at E! Online.

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