Credit: Rick Rowell/ABC Television Group ©2010 Disney Photo: Emily Maynard and Brad Womack Kiss in The Bachelor Season 15, Episode 2

We're only two episodes into The Bachelor Season 15, and Brad Womack has already had to explain himself to the special lady friend he chooses in the finale. Brad fell for this woman on the first date, and he's now telling the Valentine in the Morning Show that there was "no loving," just talking, on the overnight dates. He was following "protocol" when he kissed six to eight women on the show — it was just a lot of "superficial romance" to sell his redux season. (Bet the other ladies love hearing that!) He hopes that line will be his "get out of jail free card" with his chosen one.

Brad calls himself "the most boring Bachelor out there," saying he'd advise the next Bachelor to "Go in there and just be very open to the process. Be yourself for better or for worse... Be yourself and I think it can work out."

Listen to "No Nooky Womack's" radio interview here.

Source: RadarOnline