Credit: Mark Wessels/ABC Television Group ©2011 Disney Photo: Brad Womack Waits in The Bachelor Season 15 Finale

After "The Women Tell All," Bachelor Brad Womack talked to On The Red Carpet about the Season 15 finale and the one bachelorette in particular he wanted to talk to during the WTA.

That lucky lady? "Michelle. And only because the poor girl's just been beat up by everybody and I think it's unfair. [...] I wanted people to know I know the real Michelle, not the edited Michelle." See! Even Brad admits Michelle Money got an unfair edit.

Brad says of the upcoming finale: "I can humbly say that I think the finale is one of the most romantic I've ever seen — and I'm a fan of the show, I was before. I think it ends really well."

But he really just wants the secret to be out so he can do normal things, like take his Chosen One out for a cup of coffee. "I'm starting to wonder if there is a relationship, I haven't seen her for so long," he jokes. Still, it’s kind of fun to sneak around on the sly...

Credit: Photo: After "Women Tell All": Bachelor Brad Defends Michelle Money, Talks Keeping His Relationship a Secret

And here’s another video of Brad answering a couple of fan questions on the official Bachelor site:

Source: On The Red Carpet

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