Credit: Michael Buckner/Getty Images Photo: Roberto Martinez and Ali Fedotowsky Get Cozy at the Reality Rocks Expo on April 9, 2011

The Bachelorette Season 6
The gal:
Ali Fedotowsky
The guy: Roberto Martinez
The timeline: Roberto proposed to Ali in the finale that aired on August 2, 2010. As of April 2011, Ali and Roberto are living together in San Diego, planning a late 2011 wedding (though no date or location has been revealed). If they do get married — and we believe they will! — they will be the second Bachelorette couple to do so (after Trista and Ryan), and the third in the franchise as a whole (after Bachelor lovebirds Jason and Molly).

The Bachelor Season 14
The guy:
Jake Pavelka
The gal: Vienna Girardi
The timeline: This breakup was almost as awkward as Jason and Melissa’s — and it was certainly more heated. Jake proposed to Vienna in the finale that aired on March 1, 2010, but they officially broke up in late June of that year. Their rep released a terse statement: “Jake and Vienna have split. They appreciate the respect for their privacy at this time.”

But the respect for everything went out the window in a special breakup fight that aired in early July during Ali Fedotowsky's season of The Bachelorette. Jake and Vienna went after each other for everything — she interrupted him too much, he was a "fame whore." The interview, in the presence of Rosemaster Chris Harrison, ended with Vienna walking out on Jake in tears, calling him the meanest person she's ever met. True love in action!

Now Vienna is dating one of Ali's castoffs, Kasey Kahl and they are both expected to compete on Bachelor Pad 2 in the summer of 2011. Jake may or may not be dating his third-place bachelorette, Gia Allemand, aka Vienna's former Bachelor BFF. But he is definitely shooting a new VH1 reality show with Heidi Montag of The Hills and Danielle Staub of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, among other D-Listers.

Credit: Wedded Bliss Photography via Facebook Photo: Jillian and Ed Cuddle

The Bachelorette Season 5
The gal:
Jillian Harris
The guy: Ed Swiderski
The timeline: Ed proposed to Jillian in the finale that aired on July 28, 2009. Ed had briefly left the show for work back in Chicago, but returned to win Jillian's heart. Rumors surfaced that he cheated on Jillian while he was away. However, the couple stayed together until early July 2010, when they officially announced their split. "I love him and I'm really sad, but I have to look out for me," Jillian told Us Weekly. Ed added, "We're both kind of resetting. Jillian isn't happy and I'm definitely sad about the whole thing, but we've got to work through some things on our own if we decide to move forward." Jillian is still single, but don’t cry for her, Argentina! The tiny designer is keeping busy on the professional front, including landing her dream gig as part of the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition design team.

The Bachelor Season 13
The guy:
Jason Mesnick
The gal: Melissa Rycroft... er Molly Malaney... Melissa! Molly! Melissa! Molly!
The timeline: Believe it or not, this is the one and only success story of The Bachelor. Jason chose Melissa in the season finale which aired on March 2, 2009. However, in the “After the Final Rose” special that aired right after the finale, Jason talked about how his feelings had changed, and he dumped Melissa for his runner-up, Molly. Melissa called Jason a "bastard" — and the country hated him — but Jason and Molly are still together. He proposed to Molly in October 2009, and their February 27, 2010, marriage aired on ABC on March 8 of that year. Then they got married again on December 5, 2010, in a “Run Thru” wedding in Vegas. And you know what? The Mesnicks seem really sweet. All's forgiven!

The Bachelorette Season 4
The gal:
DeAnna Pappas
The guy: Jesse Csincsak
The timeline: Jesse proposed to DeAnna in the finale that aired on July 7, 2008. They got as far as setting a date to be married — May 9, 2009 — but they broke up in November 2008. Jesse announced in a November 3, 2008, YouTube video that DeAnna had broken up with him two days before, giving him the "I love you, but I'm not in love with you" line. For her part, DeAnna told In Touch, "I really felt like I was going to spend the rest of my life with him. I thought he was my fairy-tale ending. But after the show was over and we settled in to our normal lives, I slowly came to realize that we are two totally different people and it wasn't going to work out."

They are no longer on speaking terms, but that's OK 'cause Jesse is now married to Bachelor 13 contestant Ann Lueders, and in February 2010 they welcomed their first child. He is also “The Godfather” of debaucherous Bachelor reunions. DeAnna is currently engaged to Stephen Stagliano, twin brother of Bachelorette Season 5 contestant Michael Stagliano. See? All good.

The Bachelor Season 12
The guy:
Matt Grant
The gal: Shayne Lamas
The timeline: British hunk Matt proposed to his "Monkey" Shayne in the finale that aired on May 12, 2008. In July of that year, they announced their split. "We tried hard to make it work but we realized that we were both heading in different directions," the couple said in a joint statement to People magazine. "We truly care about each other and will remain close friends." Not! The split turned ugly when Matt later insulted Shayne for her height, among other things, and Shayne tried to "out" Matt as gay.

Last year Shayne married a guy she had only known for a few hours, and just this week she announced she’s pregnant with their first child.

Credit: ABC Television Group © Disney Photo: Brad Womack Promo Shot

The Bachelor Season 11
The guy:
Brad Womack
The gal: Doesn't exist, but it came down to DeAnna Pappas or Jenni Croft
The timeline: Zero! In a unique move, Brad chose himself in the finale that aired on November 19, 2007, instead of taking a chance on a relationship with either of his final two bachelorettes. He should've given himself a promise ring. Brad returned to The Bachelor for Season 15, and you can read about that magic in an upcoming entry. Meanwhile, DeAnna went on to be the Season 4 Bachelorette, and you can read more about that in a bit.

Jenni married dentist John Badolato in the Fall of 2010 and just announced she is pregnant with her first child, due in September 2011.

Credit: ABC Television Group © Disney Photo: Andrew Baldwin and His Chosen One Tessa Horst in Season 10 of The Bachelor

The Bachelor Season 10
The guy:
Andrew Baldwin
The gal: Tessa Horst
The timeline: Andy proposed to Tessa in the finale that aired on May 21, 2007, but in August of that year they ended their engagement. However, they said there were still dating. "We are very much in love and committed to our relationship," the couple said in a statement released to People magazine. "With the possibility of reassignment to a new location, we decided it was not the ideal time for Tessa to uproot herself and move out [to Hawaii] right now. Our relationship continues to deepen, and we're very hopeful about our future together." Tessa added to In Touch, "When the fantasy wore off and the reality set in, we both realized we weren't ready to be engaged. We're taking things much slower."

However, in September 2007 they split and by April 2008 Andy was dating (gasp!) Donald Trump's ex, Marla Maples. Just last month Andy revealed a few interesting things about himself, one of them being that he’s still single!

The Bachelor Season 9 (Rome)
The guy:
Prince Lorenzo Borghese
The gal: Jennifer Wilson
The timeline: He did not propose. He gave her "a family ring" on the finale, which aired on November 27, 2006. They decided to explore their feelings in the real world, but a publicist confirmed in late January 2007 that they had split up. But the story didn't end there. Reports linked Lorenzo to his runner-up, Sadie Murray, who moved to New York where Lorenzo was also living. He's the original Jason Mesnick! Meanwhile, Jennifer was supposedly "secretly dating" a fellow teacher in Florida.

The gimmick of traveling to Europe to find love definitely did not work for the show.

The Bachelor Season 8 (Paris)
The guy: Travis Stork
The gal: Sarah Stone
The timeline: Once again, he did not propose. They decided to "take a chance" at a relationship. However, in early March 2006 — just one week after the finale aired on February 27, 2006 — Travis and Sarah told reporters on a conference call that they had already broken up. Travis said part of the problem was having this fantastic experience in Paris, then coming home to Nashville — where they both lived — and having to spend time apart. "The reality is that we were in this fantasy world [on the show]," Travis said. "And now that we're back in Nashville. Over time when you're not allowed to see someone, you grow apart." Sarah said it would've worked out differently if they had just met in Nashville instead of picking up "all the baggage that comes from being on this show." Oh well. They'll always have Paris! And Travis also now has the popular show The Doctors.
The Bachelor Season 7
The guy: Charlie O'Connell
The gal: Sarah Brice
The timeline: These two were sooooo close to making it. Charlie did not propose to Sarah in the May 16, 2005, finale; they just "took a chance" on a relationship. They broke up in September 2007, with Sarah saying they were still in love. "I definitely thought I'd spend the rest of my life with him — I think we both did — but there were some things between us that we couldn't resolve." However, here's the great part: They managed to resolve those issues! At least for a while. As Sarah told In Touch in November 2008, "There must be something special between us, because we keep coming back to one another. I'm very happy." However, the couple split again in April 2010. As Charlie told People, "I think it was a mutual breakup. The thing is that we dated for five years […] and were just arguing over the same things and stuff like that. And then eventually you've got to go your separate ways." One more time, guys. Come on!
The Bachelorette Season 3
The gal: Jen Schefft
The guy: Jerry Ferris
The timeline: Jen has the unfair rep of rejecting both of her finalists, Jerry and John Paul Merritt, but that's not the case. She didn't pull a Womack. She chose Jerry, and although she did reject his proposal, she delivered the classic "let's take a chance on a relationship" line, saying they should check in after the show airs to see how they feel about each other. Unfortunately, after the finale aired on February 28, 2005, Jen dumped Jerry right there in the "After the Final Rose" special. However, Jen is happy now! She married trader Joe Waterman in 2009, and they welcomed their first child, baby girl Mae, in November 2010.
Credit: Photo: Emily and Brad Head to Their One-on-One Date in Bachelor Season 15, Episode 7

The Bachelor Season 15
The guy:
Brad Womack
The gal: Emily Maynard
The timeline: Brad proposed to Em in the finale, which aired on March 14, 2011. However, in the "After the Final Rose" special which ran the same night, the couple revealed that they had already broken up once while the show was in season. They continued to work on their relationship, but reports surfaced in mid-April that they had broken up. The main issue appeared to be that single mom Emily wasn't ready to move with her daughter Ricki from Charlotte, North Carolina, to Austin, Texas, where Brad runs four bars with his brothers and their business partner. Even if they’re still working on things — and not officially over — their short relationship has already had its share of ups and downs.

The Bachelor Season 6
The guy:
Byron Velvick
The gal: Mary Delgado
The timeline: Could it be? A success story? Almost! In the November 24, 2004, finale, pro bass fisherman Byron proposed to Mary — in Spanish, which was so sweet — and she accepted. They got into some domestic issues in 2007, when she was charged with punching him in the face. They managed to stay together after that, but broke up after five years in December 2009. However, Mary did keep one thing from the relationship: a newfound love of competitive fishing!
The Bachelor Season 5
The guy:
Jesse Palmer
The gal: Jessica Bowlin
The timeline: He didn't propose to her in the finale that aired on May 19, 2004, but he offered her a plane ticket to join him in New York. No dice. They officially announced their breakup just one month after the finale aired, via a statement issued to Extra — which had become the all-too-depressing routine. Jesse: "Jessica and I shared an incredible romantic journey on the show that began with a friendship that remains strong today. We simply realized that, individually, our next steps take us in different directions." Jessica: "With too much distance and too little time these were not ideal circumstances in which to start a relationship. Jesse is a great guy and has a wonderful family. Who knows what the future holds?" The future held squat for these two. By this point, viewers were getting seriously jaded.
The Bachelorette Season 2
The gal: Meredith Phillips
The guy: Ian McKee
The timeline: Despite promising his brother that he wouldn't pop the question, Ian proposed to Meredith in the finale that aired on February 25, 2004. Unfortunately, in early February 2005, they released a breakup announcement to Extra, saying, "[O]ur relationship began with great expectations for a happy ending, but unfortunately things didn't work out as we had hoped." Tears!
The Bachelor Season 4
The guy:
Bob Guiney
The gal: Estella Gardinier
The timeline: Bob didn't propose to Estella in the finale that aired on November 19, 2003, but he did give her one of those promise rings. Apparently it was a promise to break up with her by phone after they attended Trista and Ryan Sutter's December 6, 2003, wedding. "He's not the person I thought he was," Estella said. "I don't see any reason to ever have a conversation with him." Yowza! Bob even admitted the relationship's end was mostly his fault, due in part to the time he spent promoting his new book and CD. But he also blamed extreme public scrutiny and media "exaggerations" about his behavior.

Bob went on to marry All My Children actress Rebecca Budig in 2004, but they divorced in July 2010, shortly before she went on to win Skating With the Stars.
The Bachelor Season 3
The guy: Andrew Firestone
The gal: Jen Schefft
The timeline: Andrew proposed to Jen in the finale that aired on May 18, 2003, but they announced their split in a statement released to Extra in December of the same year: "This is a decision we made together through long and thoughtful discussion. It is totally amicable and, though we care for each other deeply, we have come to realize that our future goals are different." They both landed on their feet, but only after Jen had her own even less happy ending on The Bachelorette Season 3. (More on that in a later entry!) Andrew Firestone married model Ivana in 2008; they have a son and just welcomed a baby girl last week.
The Bachelor Season 2
The guy:
Aaron Buerge
The gal: Helene Eksterowicz
The timeline: Aaron actually did propose to Helene, but how craptastic is this? Five weeks after the finale aired on November 20, 2002, Aaron dumped Helene in a Starbucks. That's a tall order of lame right there! Helene and one of her fellow Season 2 bachelorettes, Bachelor Pad Season 1 star Gwen Gioia, co-wrote the self-help book Nobody's Perfect: What to Do When You've Fallen for a Jerk but You Want to Make It Work. Advantage Helene!
The Bachelor Season 1
The guy:
Alex Michel
The gal: Amanda Marsh
The timeline: Alex did not propose to Amanda in the April 25, 2002, finale, but they did date for almost a year before breaking up. There were rumors that Alex still had feelings for Trista Rehn (now Sutter), but he denied it. Then again, who doesn't have feelings for Trista? She's adorbs!
Credit: Getty Images; PacificCoastNews; Splash News Photo: Some Successes and Failures in Bachelor Couples History

Each Bachelor relationship has a unique shelf life. Some spoil quickly, and others “keep” for years. It appears that Brad Womack and Emily Maynard only lasted about a month after The Bachelor Season 15 finale, and even though that sounds fast, theirs isn’t the franchise’s shortest relationship. Besides, the show has a history of couples breaking up and getting back together later, so it’s entirely possible Brad & Em could make a comeback.

Credit: ABC Television Group © Disney Photo: Trista Rehn and Ryan Sutter Married in 2003
The Bachelorette Season 1
The gal: Trista Rehn
The guy: Ryan Sutter
The timeline: Ryan proposed to Trista in the finale that aired on February 19, 2003, and they tied the knot in an ABC special on December 6, 2003. The happy couple, who has two kids together, recently celebrated their seventh anniversary. This relationship remains the gold standard of the franchise. Love. Them. So. Much.h.

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