Credit: Catherine Giudici on Twitter

Catherine Giudici dropped a huge Bachelor bombshell when she told Sean Lowe that her father, Carey Giudici, tried to commit suicide in front of her when she was just 14 years old. Carey was suffering from severe depression at the time, and though he and Catherine are in touch, he currently lives in Taipei, Taiwan.

Carey is hard at work with Tzu Chi, a Buddhist humanitarian organization that builds hospitals and schools in Taiwan and around the world. Carey volunteers in various aspects of the foundation, including teaching kids how to read and write, and volunteering with seniors (among other activities).

So, how does Carey feel about Catherine's very public revelation on national television? "Waiting at the airport for a day trip to Hong Kong an hour ago, I got an email from Catherine apologizing in advance for some things she says about me on today’s Bachelor," Carey posted to Facebook on February 11th. "Not sure what she said, but if it prompts anyone to unfriend or judge me I will understand...After telling her that I surely deserve what she said and more, I reminded her that what makes viewers more supportive of her is fine with me. Now everyone can see just what a strong beautiful soul she really is."

Annnd, sobbing! We're so happy that Catherine's dad has made a strong recovery and is dedicating his life to helping others. What a guy!

Source: Facebook, Insomniac Ramblings

Credit: YouTube Photo: Bachelor 2013 Spoiler Clip: Catherine Takes Sean Home to Seattle (VIDEO)