Credit: Rick Rowell/ABC Television Group ©2011 Disney Photo: Shawntel Newton, Chantal O'Brien, and Jackie Gordon in The Bachelor Season 15, Episode 4

Chantal O'Brien told her ex-husband, Jason Vena, she wouldn't go on The Bachelor if he took her back... according to an anonymous source quoted in Life & Style’s February 7 issue.

If the story is true, it kind of makes Chantal even more perfect for Brad Womack. Brad is dealing with his own tabloid rumor — that he dumped Season 11 third-place lady, Bettina Bell, right before becoming the redux Bachelor. Brad is a troubled soul, so he deserves another troubled soul… who cries a lot and needs a ton of emotional reassurance.

Together for a total of 10 years, Jason and Chantal were married from 2005 to 2009. They divorced, the Life & Style story claims, because she felt their relationship had lost its spark — but she soon regretted her decision to break it off.

"She knew she'd made a mistake," the source said.

But apparently it was too late, since he was already dating a woman named Tawny — probably the Tawny Ingwaldson he's shown as being engaged to on Facebook — and he refused Chantal's "desperate" attempts to rekindle the relationship.

"Chantal begged and pleaded and cried," the source claimed. "Jason was in a lot of pain over it, but at the end of the day he said no."

Chantal does do a lot of crying, but this source sounds like one of Jason's friends spilling some one-sided dirt. Even if true, is it a crime to want to get back together with your ex-husband — as long as you’re doing it before getting a new fiance?

Source: Reality TV World