The suspense might be literally killing us. At least that’s what it feels like in our hearts while we anxiously wait for ABC to circle the hazmat wagons around Bachelor Mansion and tell us who will be the next Bachelor already!

Chris Harrison — a.k.a., the most trustworthy man in America — has assured us that we will not be in a suspended state of despair for much longer. After having consulted with Bachelor exec producer Mike Fleiss in their secret Bachelor lair, Chris tweetedI feel a #Bachelor decision coming soon!!!” Oh, bless you, Rosemaster.

Credit: ABC via WENN/Instagram/Twitter

In the meantime, we have our nails bitten to the quick. Will it be “Hottie Dimples,” Roberto Martinez? Practically-perfect-in-every-way Sean Lowe? Or super-charged turbo-hands Arie Luyendyk, Jr.? Honestly, we may fall to pieces before we know for sure — but we’re already getting spoilers on who the new crop of lucky love-seeking ladies will be! 

Hurry up, Chris, and spill the beans! 

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