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Chris Harrison was barely featured during The Bachelor Season 17, Episode 4, probably as punishment for that horrifying beach volleyball outfit), but he has just as many thoughts and feelings as usual. This omniscient muse sat down with TV Guide to dish his theories, and his sage words of wisdom about Tierra LiCausi have us all kinds of contemplative.

"I think she's just a little dramatic," Chris explains as we nod quietly-yet-serenely. "I don't know if it was a game like when Courtney [Robertson] did it last season, but I also don't get the impression that Tierra is as savvy and good at playing the game. I think she's caught up in it, and it's a mess."

Credit: ABC via WENN

Tierra might be a hot mess, but she certainly has Sean Lowe curled around her finger. Unlike Leslie, who Sean brutally rejected moments after gifting her a brand new dress. "I think he was eager to have those deep conversations, but that really turned the tide," Chris says. "If they had kept it light and trivial, she may have stayed, but the more she talked about how much she wanted that, he's like, 'Wow, you're not the one.'"

In other news, Chris is confirming what we already knew: Sean doesn't believe in doing the humpty hump before marriage. "As things progress and we get closer to fantasy suites and overnights it absolutely becomes an issue, and he's very open about it," Chris explains. "He wears his religion and his heart on his sleeve."

Please, Sean doesn't wear sleeves. Think before you speak, Chris.

Source: TV Guide