Credit: Chris Harrison Twitter Photo: Chris Harrison and Brad Womack at DWTS Stage
Bachelorette fan favorite Chris Lambton said no to a lot when he said no to being the next Bachelor, a spot recently taken by Brad Womack. ABC offered Chris six figures and the choice to film anywhere in the world. But he still said no. ""They really wanted me, so they were open to my input and my ideas," Chris tells Star. "I just knew it didn't feel right."

Fans adored Chris — and his family, and his house, and even his dog, Jetty — especially after hearing him open up about his late mother, Marjorie Lambton. During his Cape Cod hometown date with Season 6 Bachelorette Ali Fedowtowski, Chris's father, Ed, told Ali that he and Marjorie had had an instant soul mate connection. Sympathy for Chris only deepened when Ali dumped him for Roberto Martinez.  

After The Bachelorette, Chris seems to have soured on the idea of finding love through the show. "When my kids are 20 years old and looking for love, I want to say, 'This is the amazing story of how I met your mom,' not, 'Oh, yeah, she was the best of 25.'" Ouch!

Source: Star