Credit: Ken Baker on Instagram Photo: Chris Harrison with Ken Baker of E Online

Recently-divorced Bachelor host Chris Harrison is looking mighty fine these days. Seriously, Chris — have you been working out? Anyway, what we mean is it really didn’t seem all that weird to us when E! News correspondent Ken Baker “announced” Chris as the next Bachelor, even if he was just pulling our legs.

Chris is on set at E! today — probably to talk about the upcoming season of The Bachelor, as well as his hosting gig for the Miss America pageant. Ken couldn’t resist making a joke about newly single Chris getting a little harem of his own, tweeting “Finally, we can reveal the most dramatic new Bachelor ever!!”

Chris played along responding, “Shh, that was confidential.” Although we know they’re just playing, we think Chris as the Bachelor is an inspired idea. He’s hot, single, likeable, and gets real paid. In other words, he’s prime Bachelor material! The only question is, who would host his season? We vote Elan Gale.

Source: Ken Baker on Twitter