Courtney Robertson may be one of the most divisive personalities in Bachelor history, but one thing’s for sure: Ben Flajnik’s Season 16 frontrunner sure knows how to take a photo. 

The 28-year-old model posted this pic from a recent photo shoot on her Facebook page, channeling an iconic character from the 60s: Audrey Hepburn circa Breakfast at Tiffany’s. While we think she pulled off the classic glam look perfectly, the accompanying text  — “The Age of Elegance” — may get some mixed reactions, to the say the least.

The photo was taken by Jim Jordan, whose resume lists Marie Claire, Elle, and Vanity Fair among his clients and who recently defended the vilified bachelorette’s character via Twitter. Despite the backlash as the season plays out, Courtney doesn’t seem to be slowing down her modeling pursuits anytime soon — so may as well get used to that face. (She’s been doing this awhile and you never know where you might see her.)

So putting your feelings aside, what do you thing of her latest product? Did she do Hepburn’s Holly Golightly justice? 

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Credit: Reality Steve Photo: Bachelor 16 Face off! Courtney Robertson and Emily O’Brien’s Craziest Expressions — Must-Watch Video