Credit: Illustration by Semhar Debessai for Wetpaint Entertainment (Original Source: WENN) Photo: Is Courtney Robertson Using Skin to Win on Ben Flajnik's Bachelor 16?

If it worked once, why not do it again? Courtney Robertson showed Ben Flajnik her ta-tas during their impromptu skinny dipping date on The Bachelor Season 16, Episode 5 and now she’s doing it again in Episode 6 in Panama.

During the group date, the ladies have to change into traditional bikini garb and some of the ladies are “prudes,” according to Courtney, by wearing their own tops under the traditional skin-baring garments. “Why be modest?” she says in a clip from Monday’s episode. “When in Panama...” She’s just going with the traditional flow.

Using Skin To Win

It’s not like there’s no precedent for taking your top off on The Bachelor when the situation calls for it.

Remember how Chantal O'Brien and Ashley Hebert took off their tops for the Sports Illustrated swimsuit shoot on The Bachelor Season 15? Ashley covered her ta-tas with big conch shells and Brad even turned away in surprise when Chantal whipped her top off. Brad is a reserved guy like that — turning away from Chantal was probably our first clue that the spoilers were wrong and he wasn’t going to pick Chantal over Emily Maynard.

Ben is obviously not the same as he was. He was willing to go bare naked with Courtney (and the cameras) so why shouldn’t his potential fiancée be comfortable in her own skin?

Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi enjoyed a steamy mud bath on The Bachelor Season 14 finale and it definitely helped seal their deal. Jake found Vienna “naturally sexy” but told Tenley Molzahn they lacked a physical connection together. In this respect, Ben seems to be much more like Jake than Brad.

And remember how Natalie Getz ran topless around a pool in Las Vegas on Bachelor Pad Season 1? It definitely got David Good’s attention and helped advance their relationship from friendship to something more. Together, they won BP1.

On Bachelor Pad 2, Holly Durst distracted Blake Julian from his date with Erica Rose by wandering through the kitchen in a teeny bikini. She knew what she was doing and Courtney seems to make a similar bikini move this Monday on Episode 6. And we know how that turned out for Blake and Holly.


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Credit: Photo: Does Courtney Robertson Go Too Far? New XXX Sneak Peek of The Bachelor Season 16, Episode 5 [VIDEO]