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The best way to deal with The Bachelor: The Women Tell All is to watch it half asleep so you forget most of it when it’s over. So kudos to Rosemaster Chris Harrison for getting the best out of Season 16’s WTA gathering. In his Entertainment Weekly blog following the show’s airing, Chris said he was mega-sick during the taping — which was sickening enough on its own — so he may not have been on his fatherly nod A-game.

“I’d like to apologize to the ladies, the audience and the crew, as I had to hold up production for about forty-five minutes while I ‘regrouped,’” Chris writes. “By ‘regrouped’ I mean lying down backstage on a couch with ice on my head trying to remain conscious. What made this worse was the timing. I felt terrible all day, but it really hit me right when Courtney [Robertson] came out to join me. Honestly, I don’t remember much of what she said that first segment so I was glad to go back and watch that interview as well as the entire show. Turns out, I’m a pretty good interviewer in a semi-conscious state.”

Credit: ABC via WENN

Chris writes brief notes about Samantha LeveyShawntel NewtonEmily O'BrienNicki Sterling, and Kacie Boguskie, but the meat of his blog is about Amber Tierney. Kidding! Cow ball girl showed up for no reason at all. Chris actually goes on about Courtney, but never takes a side:

“You already heard everything that was said so I just want to fast forward to the moment that she came out. First of all, she was scared to death and shaking like a leaf. I could feel and see how vulnerable she was. At first she was doing what I think was just an average job trying to convey what she wanted to say. But it was the second segment that I really want to get your thoughts on. There was a point when it seemed like all the women were yelling and attacking her at the same time. In that moment, she completely stopped and utterly broke down. Again, I’m not justifying anything, but one thing I noticed is that really, she’s a very fragile little girl. At that moment she just lost it and I felt like she was really speaking from the heart. Now the question I have for you is, Did you buy it? Did you believe her words and her apology were sincere? This is a debate that will continue this week as we head into the finale.”

Well... did you buy it? Was the group attack justified, or did you feel like it was too much piling on?

Read Chris’ full blog for more.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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Credit: Photo: Courtney Robertson's Women Tell All Apology: The Bachelorettes Express Mixed Reactions Backstage (VIDEO)