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It’s time now for the women of The Bachelor Season 17 to gather in kitchen stadium, or whatever, and talk shit for two hours. But in preparation for that age-old tradition, it’s time to check in with previous hotseat hottie Courtney Robertson, who still has, um, not so fond memories of the experience.

“Who's excited to watch the Women Tell All tonight? Brings back memories
that I would rather forget...brutal experience,” Courtney posted on her Sulia. As you may remember, Courtsport wide-eyed her way through WTA last year, with the hate fire coming at her from all sides like those dice that nerds use for LARP games.

So, it would make sense then if Court would prefer to shield her eyes as this year’s villain Tierra LiCausi breathes in the stench of revenge, right? Notsomuch. “This will be a lot more fun to watch ;),” Court continues. Makes us want to sing one of those charming songs “a circle is round and has no end, that’s how long we want to be your friend...” Or whatever.

Source: Sulia

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