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Courtney Robertson won Bachelor Nation's collective heart when she and Ben "Wine Time" Flajnik fell in love during Season 16 of The Bachelor, and she's been stealing the spotlight ever since. Basically we love her — but Courtney is a taken lady! Yep, her heart belongs to none other than Bachelor Sean Lowe.

"Who's ready to enjoy the final rose tonight?" Courtney posted on Sulia shortly before The Bachelor's epic Season 17 finale. "Sean is by far my favorite Bachelor of all time...He's a man, owns his feelings, and has emotional depth. I'm so excited to watch his fairy tale ending unfold. xo."

Credit: Instagram

Yikes, looks like there’s been a sale on umbrellas, cuz Courtney seems to be throwing some shade Ben-ways — you'd think he'd be her favorite Bachelor of all time considering she competed for his heart all season. You know, and that part where they were engaged. Oh well, all beautiful, statuesquely perfect pairings must come to an end somehow.

And seriously, folks, how can anyone resist Sean's studly siren call? This dude is a class-act, and he always treated his ladies with the R-E-S-P-E-C-T that they deserved. You know, when he wasn't busy flinging them off buildings, shoving them into watery caves, or giving them hypothermia.

Do you think Sean is the best Bachelor of all time? Crack open a bottle of Envolve, and leave some semi-drunken musings in the comments!

Source: Sulia