Credit: ABC

Though we’ve certainly been wrapped up in the drama of The Bachelor Season 17, a question other than “Who will Sean Lowe pick?” has been weighing heavily on us. We’ve been waiting with breath that is bated for the announcement of the next Bachelorette. Well, tonight, we got confirmation that one of our favorite ladies of this season of The Bachelor, Desiree Hartsock, will be the best lucky lady to entertain a harem of hot men! Rejoice!

Chris Harrison announced Dez’s new title during the live After the Rose special. We were pretty heartbroken when she was sent home after the hometown dates, but it’s true what they say — time mends all wounds. And what better way to heal a broken heart than to have a couple dozen ab-sicles clamor for your love? 

Other frontrunners, in our minds, were fellow Season 17 contestants AshLee Frazier, whose heart was broken after the fantasy suites, and Sarah Herron, who broke our hearts when Sean told her he just wasn’t feeling it. Can we just have a trio of Bachelorettes this season? Like Sean, we just had way too much trouble picking our #1 lady this season. Good luck to Desiree!