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Much like Chris Harrison and his reflection, Desiree Hartsock and Sean Lowe were a match made in Bachelor Season 17 heaven. But then Sean made the mistake of talking to Des' brother, Nate, and their relationship crashed and burned like a giant pile of dead roses.

Not only did Nate make it clear that Sean was the wrong man for his sister, he was straight-up rude to Sean, called him a player, and basically insulted his character. "I think you're just a playboy," Nate told Sean as we b*tch-slapped our television. "You're just having fun with the circumstances, with whatever comes along."

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It was hardly surprising when Sean deflowered Desiree at the rose ceremony — after all, when you marry the girl, you marry her family! So, does Desiree harbor any resentment toward Nate for ruining her chances with Sean? "She totally blames me for her not being with Sean," Nate tells Life & Style. "I could tell that it wasn't meant to be, and it's obviously not meant to be now, so I'm happy." 

Wow, Nate certainly doesn't feel any remorse for the way he treated Sean! In fact, he doesn't even seem to care that his sister's relationship was ruined thanks to his bad attitude. We're officially shaking our heads and slow-eating ice cream in judgement.

Source: Life & Style