Credit: ABC via WENN

Let’s all just be adults for a second, okay? When someone tells you that you’re The One by making out with you all the time and talking about how attracted to you they are ALL THE TIME — and then possibly hooks up with you before dumping you in Curacao, you’re probably not going to forget about that anytime soon.

Credit: ABC via WENN

Is that what happened with Arie Luyendyk, Jr. and Emily Maynard? We have no proof, obviously, since all our attempts to get a job as housekeeper at the Bachelorette final rose cabana failed completely (who knew that “refuse to enter bathrooms” was a deal breaker). But word on Real Talk Lane is that right before Emily chose Jef and forsook all others, she did the opposite of that. According to Us Weekly, Em & Ar made good use of the Fantasy Suite during their last night together. And you know what they say — if the bonin’ suite is rockin’, don’t expect not to get yelled at when you hook-up 'n' run. (Rumor has it Arie yelled “You just slept with me!” after being dumped by Emily. This was reportedly edited out.)

And while we don’t have proof that this is true, we like that Arie seems to have something to say about the matter. We’re talking about the darlingest part of Sean Lowe’s first evening of The BachelorSeason 17, when Arie “The Makeout King” Jr. gave Sean some tongue pointers. Our favorite part wasn’t even when Arie talked about the dominant-non-dom hand thing (50 shades foreshadow?). 

Nope, it was when Sean was joking about breaking up with girls and he said, “But Arie, my heart is just leading me toward this other person. I have to be true to my heart.” To which Arie responded, “That’s not what you said in the fantasy suite last night.” Cue laughter and the engines restarting on the rumor mill...

Source: Us Weekly