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It must be hard being the Bachelor, dontcha think? First of all, you have to work out all the time just so you can be super desirable. And then you have to talk to hella girls who want to be on you... forever. But mostly, you have to avoid the strange pungent odor cocktail of spray tans and desperation long enough to pick one girl and SAVE HER from perpetual cat lady life (because there are only two paths, ladies).

Oh, yeah, and then there’s the matter of actually remembering these girls’ names. We have the luxury of nicknaming the girls from the comfort of our computer screens. But it would be pretty awkward if Sean stood up at the rose ceremony and said, “Ombre Cache dress, Maggie Gyllenhaal wannabe, and Low Budget Extensions, you’re out.” (And by awkward, we mean amazing).

But it really is a problem. When Sean sat down with Jimmy Kimmel this week, he revealed that some things do get a little awkward. “I remember I sat down with one lady and I said, you know, ‘How are your kids back home doing, it must be tough being away from them,’ and she said ’You're thinking of Diana. My name is Taryn.’”

Oops, that’s gotta make things a little less intimate. But then Sean let loose a little spoiler, it seems. “Oh, that’s not good,”Jimmy commented on Sean’s error. “Do you think though that if there’s someone whose name you don’t remember, you should rule them out, because obviously you’re not that interested in that person?”

Sean revealed, "Yeah, I pretty much did that." Is he talking about Taryn? Yep. Diana was eliminated in Episode 2, and Taryn follows shortly after in Episode 3, according to Reality Steve. We hope she and her imaginary kids are doing well.

Source: Reality Steve

Credit: YouTube Photo: Jimmy Kimmel Picks Sean Lowe's Final Four Bachelor Ladies (VIDEO)