It’s good to be the boss, ya know? You can tell people what to do, make your vision come to life, and — if you’re Eva Longoria — kind of write the whole thing off by choosing one of your main contestants and dating him. What? Well, here’s the sitch: Executive Producer Eva Longoria’s NBC dating show Ready For Love is canceled, but we have a chicken-egg scenario on our hands, because she’s reportedly dating one of the three men who was featured on the show.

According to Life & Style, 38-year-old Eva is dating 33-year-old Ernesto Arguello, the philanthropist currently in an on-air romance with eight women on the show Eva produced. On April 19, it was announced that the NBC dating show has been canceled after only two episodes (with a total of four set to air).


“She is the sweetest girl,” Ernesto told Life & Style about working with Eva. “She is definitely a keeper!” Um, like how, exactly?

So, we have to ask: Did the clunky show get canceled because it’s borderline terrible, with Eva dating Ernesto after he failed to find love on the show? Or — and feel free to put on your favorite conspiracy theory helmet now — did the show get canceled because Eva started dating a contestant? Share your thoughts below.

Source: Life & Style