Credit: ABC via WENN Photo: Desiree, Sarah, AshLee, Lesley, and Tierra in The Bachelor Season 17

Sean Lowe might make a pretty penny for starring on ABC's The Bachelor Season 17, but his ladies in waiting? Not so much. These gals don't earn a dime for being contestants on the show, and they don't even get help paying for their wardrobes! Yep, all those fabulous rose ceremony dresses come straight from their own closets.

"The girls bring all of their own clothes and don't get paid anything," Bachelorette Emily Maynard confirmed on Twitter.

Being on The Bachelor is somewhat of a gamble for the contestants (especially considering that some of them quit their jobs), but we can't even imagine how many dolla dolla bills are spent on evening gowns. Of course, the ladies can always take a leaf out of Ali Fedotowsky's book and borrow from their friends. "Basically, the producers tell you to pack 11 dresses or more when you come on the show," she tells E!. "I only bought my dress for the first night. The rest I borrowed from friends."

Well this certainly explains some of the atrocities we've seen on The Bachelor red carpet. Namely this horrifying excuse for a dress. Never forgive, never forget.

Source: Twitter, E!