Credit: Teshia Freseman

When Sean Lowe isn't busy playing shirtless football or paling around with Lola the Boxer and Ellie the Lab (puppy love!), you can find him chatting up his homeboy, Jesus Christ.

Sean cares deeply about The Man Upstairs, and is even a member of The Fellowship of Christian Athletes! Basically, we assume that he spends most of his life reading "Are You There God? It's Me Margaret" by Judy Bloom, that's how deep his spirituality flows.

Of course, we can't forget that Sean is currently looking for a wifey to spend eternity with, and it'll be more than a little awkward if she isn't in to the whole "religion thing." We have it on good authority that most of Sean's Bachelor beauties are Christian gals, but should ABC throw him for a loop by adding in someone who practices a different religion? 

After all, there's no reason Sean can't expand his horizons, as long as he and his lady love mutually respect each other's beliefs. All we know is that we'd love to see Sean date a Wiccan. And yes, witchcraft counts as a world religion, just ask The Charmed Ones.

Hit the poll, Bachelor Nation — Should Sean's Lowe's wife be Christian?