Credit: Emily Maynard on Facebook

This time last year, Emily Maynard was engaged to her Bachelor sweetheart Brad Womack. And though they were far from being on Cloud 9, it didn’t stop Em from expressing her interest in expanding her current brood of one. 

Though we’re not sure if she’s changed her tune since then (she did once say she’d never be The Bachelorette), this doesn’t seem like the sort of life change one would waver on. So what did pre-Bachelorette Emily’s stance on giving little Ricki a little brother or a sister? Said Em to People (via Hollywood Life) last year:

I definitely want more kids. I’m ready.

Emily hasn’t said much about it since, although she is sorta busy right now, y’know, trying to find her future husband on Season 8. Hope the chap doesn’t mind legos in his Cheerios!

Source: People (via Hollywood Life)

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