Let's be real: Sean Lowe's dates during this season of The Bachelor have been nothing short of terrifying. In the space of six short weeks, he's flung ladies of buildings, dipped them into freezing cold water, forced them to rappel down cliffs, and of course we can't forget the time he pushed Catherine Giudici down a snowy mountain.

Sean is a self-declared outdoorsman, so we're hardly surprised that his dates are so active. In fact, he requested as much! "Before they started filming, they [ABC] asked Sean where he wanted to go and which cities he wanted to visit..." Sean's sister Shay writes on her blog. "Sean told them that he wanted them to pick. He told them what he wanted to do on dates (thrill sports, adventurous things) but for them to pick the destinations."

Sean seemed to have a blast risking everyone's lives in Montana and Canada, but we're curious to see what he gets up to in St. Croix. Our guess? He'll stick one of his ladies in a shark tank and watch them get nibbled on. In a bikini, of course.

Source: Shay's Blog