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Every season, the same inevitable question comes up amongst Bachelor Nation: "Does the Bachelor pay for the engagement ring?” It’s definitely something we’ve always been curious about, too, especially when Jef Holm gave Emily Maynard a $150,000 ring, the biggest in the franchise’s history. And we'll be wondering again on Monday night's Bachelor 2015 Finale, when Chris Soules will (most likely) get down on bended knee to present either Whitney Bischoff or Becca Tilley with a sparkler estimated to be worth between $40K and $70K.

Credit: Andi Dorfman on Twitter

If you’re an avid fan, you’ll notice that an awful lot of engagement rings presented by the Bachelor or to the Bachelorette come from Neil Lane Jewelry, and it's no coincidence that all those bachelors have such great taste. Neil Lane is a sponsor of ABC’s The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, so as part of that sponsorship, the jeweler to the stars graciously donates the engagement ring in the event that one is offered during the final rose ceremony.

Bachelor 2013 Sean Lowe confirmed that fact not too long ago, writing in his blog, "No one pays for the ring. Neil Lane donates the ring in exchange for advertising. If the couple doesn’t stay together for at least two years, Neil gets it back."

It's not a huge surprise, when you learn of the hefty price tags attached to Neil's diamonds. Though many of the Bachelors have had respectable enough careers that pay pretty well, most probably aren't looking to cough up close to $100K or more for a ring. Sure, current Bachelor Chris is a millionaire land baron, but seeing as he is a farmer, he seems pretty frugal.

And the advantages work both ways. Considering how few relationships on either show last that long, it’s a pretty low-risk gamble for Neil Lane! In fact, it's been a while since the jeweler has had to give up his pricey gems for good, considering that Bachelor 2014's Juan Pablo Galavis opted out of proposing at all to his final pick Nikki Ferrell — and it's a good thing, since they broke up seven months later. Even more recently, on the Bachelorette end of the spectrum, Andi Dorfman broke off her engagement from Josh Murray and likely had to return her 3 carat diamond (pictured above at right). 

Here's hoping that Chris' final pick will be keeping hers... because they stay together!

Did you think the Bachelor paid for the ring? And will Chris' final pick be keeping hers? Sound off below.