Credit: Cassie Lambert on Twitter Photo: Ben Flajnik Smolders on September 6, 2011

A forgotten rule of Fight Club: Never burn the locals. Locals have long memories and can make life difficult in the end. The Bachelor has already forgotten this step, ticking off some folks back in Bachelor Ben Flajnik’s hometown of Sonoma, CA.

As we mentioned earlier this week, Ben and his beauties have been spending a lot of time in wine country, including a public spot called Sonoma Plaza. The Sonoma News got some photos of the production — including one of 11 Season 16 bachelorettes.

But apparently, it hasn’t been all roses during their visit, if you are to believe to the latest dispatch from The Morton Report:

According to Sonoma News' David Bolling, a photographer was sent to The Plaza to take pictures of the cast and crew of the ABC reality show, only to be yelled at, threatened, and told that she had to leave immediately. After informing the crew that The Plaza is a public place, and that she had every right to be there, the photographer left to go on another job, and Bolling himself showed up to shoot video for Sonoma's website, getting the very same reaction from members of The Bachelor crew, who he says became ‘openly hostile.’ ‘I have to say that some of the people from the production company were polite,’ Bolling tells TMR. ‘And some were very much in your face, and 'you have no right to be here,' and 'get out of here now.

Yeah! No right to be there! None at all. What’s that? Something about free speech, free press, and free assembly? Hogwash. This is A-B-C, for goodness sake. Obviously the local press should’ve apologized and scuttled out, bowing in humility.  

Ah, but there’s more. TMR continues with a claim that a “studio publicist [called] Bolling, threatening to deny Sonoma News any future access to cast members for interviews if they continued to photograph the production crew's activity,” which begs the question: if ABC continues this beef with Sonoma, where will the show get all their wine?

They better kiss and makeup, stat!

Credit: YouTube Photo: Behind-the-Scenes Footage! Bachelor 16 Ben Flajnik Films With His Ladies in Sonoma

Source: The Morton Report


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