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When Brad Womack and Emily Maynard ended their engagement just a couple of months after The Bachelor Season 15, the love story ended for little Ricki, too. Em introduced her daughter to Brad during her hometown date at the final four. Since that mini insta-family didn’t last, Emily is planning to handle the Ricki introduction a little differently on The Bachelorette Season 8.

“I carry a lot of guilt for just having introduced Ricki and Brad and it not working out,” Emily tells ABC 7 News. “She never even noticed. It's a mom thing, I think. She has no idea, she just thinks it's mom's friend Brad, just like anybody else. But I carry a lot of guilt. That's why it's just such a big deal for me and it takes a really special person to meet my daughter."

So we probably shouldn’t expect Ricki to meet more than one or two guys this season, although Emily doesn’t come right out and say that. She does reiterate that she’s looking for a guy on the same minivan-full-of-babies path as her — and she feels as a mom and a woman she had a sixth sense about the guys who were not really ready for the same thing.

She stands by telling a guy to "get the f--k out," which we'll see play out later in the season. She doesn't regret it, although she said maybe she would've chosen a different word. (Next time just tell him to kick rocks.)

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Source: ABC 7

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Credit: ABC Photo: Bachelorette Emily Maynard: I Still Feel Guilty for Introducing Ricki to Brad Womack (VIDEO)